As a Special Education Advocate, primarily services consists of:

Attending Special Education related meetings
Negotiate appropriate services
Recommend specific interventions for students with disabilities
Helping parents organize and comprehend Special Education Documents

 The goal of Bright Minds Advocacy is to empower parents with the knowledge and skills to advocate for and solicit the best and most appropriate services for their children. 
Marissa began her career as an educator 10 years ago, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Education with a concentration in Early Childhood. Her passion led her developing the brilliant and bright minds of children. Though it has been a rewarding yet turbulent experience, Marissa spent her career within school districts that has served many children facing socioeconomic challenges that severely impacted their academic growth and development.
Through her work with at-risk students and families of children with disabilities, Marissa began to see complications with collaboration between families and educators. Many of the parents that Marissa worked with simply were unaware of their rights as parents of children with disabilities. Parents often worried about the stigma associated with Special Education, didn’t know how to advocate for their children, mis- or vaguely understood the diagnosis of their child’s disability, and/or did not participate in writing their child’s Individualized Education Program. 
As an educator, it broke Marissa's heart to see parents sit on the sidelines of their child’s academia, yet it gave her a deeper purpose as an educator and opened her path as an advocate. Understanding that education does not begin and end with the child, and that parents and families also need support and knowledge when dealing with receiving services outside of general education, Marissa made it her mission to advocate for families and students' needs.
Believing that the success of children and families is found in appropriate and quality intervention and building a bridge between parents and teachers, Marissa aims to build effective collaborative methods. Advocacy pushes for student support and educational equity, and no family should be without an advocate; a voice for educational professionals to consider.

30 minute

Bright Minds